Design process & approach

April 26, 2018
by A K

General process & approach

  1. Research app, users, and business goals methods obstacles and measures
  2. Understand engineering constants, advantages and goals
  3. Present the facts/criticisms
  4. Usability tests and studies
  5. Multiple lean ux iterations (for over all flow)
  6. Multiple high fidelity prototypes (for real world feel)
  7. Usually, 1 iteration is created from a couple
  8. Design iterations get presented and tweaked
  9. Design iterations get finalized and prototyped in html/css/js
  10. Prototypes get passed on to dev for wiring and scripting
  11. QA
  12. Upon launch, colors, placements, buttons, data viz functions automatically start getting tested on

Management process & approach

  1. War room style studio
  2. Multi discipline team & if possible each discipline is on most teams
  3. I pass along the general scopes and direction/concept to team, they attack and iterate
  4. We review iterations and keep iterating/testing