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*data varies over 5 years, 2009-2013

  • Regulations & Developing Unique Online Courseware provides online courseware. But if your entire audience were teenagers who were on mobile devices in your courseware was not available on mobile devices— you have a problem. We need to reach the kids and we need to reach them fast. At the time we had one to three mobile courses. They courseware didn’t exactly function very well because it utilized old courseware material that was not optimized to be responsive or hi-resolution and work across all devices. Considering that there were multiple courses across 25+ states, we had to kick it up and get it into gear and create all new responsive hi-res courseware. That involved updating the all course content in multiple languages. That also involved getting the course content approved by regulatory agencies. To get content approved by regulatory agencies such as DMV can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of years, you never really know. So we were really chancing it by creating brand new courseware that we were hoping going to get approved by all agencies. We had to update all the images, custom videos, movies, 3D animations, quizzes to various activities. We had to make sure to include advertising, QA, test at all make sure it works on all devices, and gradually deploy.

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    Visual Content Interactivity and Redevelopment

    The primary challenge in updating the course player was updating the visual and written content. There was a lot of visual and written content. When I say a lot of content I mean enough content to keep a large team busy for years. No joke. Coming up with a way to tackle all the content was the first challenge. After categorizing and grouping all the content and assigning it to various staff, everyone attacked with head-on force. Simultaneously, the template for the course player was being designed and developed. We did not do very much testing with the course player. Instead we looked at some of the best players out there; Hulu, YouTube,, and took the best pieces from them. In addition we had to consider all the government regulatory needs. Some courses have to be timed, some courses show certain content, others have to be this way and others have to be that way. The amount of uniqueness and variety would drive anyone mad. I picked a few key states with highest traffic and monetization possibilities and focused on the content for those courses first. Once they were done we started to monitor, analyze, optimize and focus more on smoother content delivery for the user.

  • Mobile Friendly Courses — Once There Was Only One, Then There Were Many

    Each course had its own timeline but eventually over a period of 2 years all the courses were mobile friendly across all platforms. Multiple teams made the push for the ginormous task at the same time. About 5 to 7 people in Odessa Ukraine and another team of about 20+ people in-house focusing on Visual Content, Written Content, Marketing, Search, Quality Assurance, and Testing.

    When we started the project we were barely doing 5 to 7% mobile users and only a couple of states. By the time we were done, we had up to 44% mobile users across the nation.

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  • Course Player Redesign Responsive Media 09
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