Defining a Brand Strategy Means Knowing Your Users and Yourself As A Business

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The Visual Brand

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Defining a clear brand identity is a necessary element for a successful business. But what exactly is a brand identity? It’s not simply a logo or a mission statement; a brand identity embodies everything about your business, from how your team produces work to the way in which team members and clients alike experience it. In essence, a brand is not simply who you are, but is who you were and who you will be.

To embody a brand identity is to not only to share a business’s personality, but offer the experience of the business to everyone who is, has been, and will be connected to it. Without consistency in a brand, your brand becomes nameless, falling into the same-name pile of businesses that do not make an impact and provide a positive and sustainable user experience.

Defining color equity and consistently using colors is critical to building brand awareness for any business. By sticking to the designed color palette, you ensure users will always pick you out of a crowd and are able to emotionally, physically or spiritually identify with you. Your colors are the primary point of brand recognition. It’s always great to have a primary, secondary and tertiary color to highlight various parts of your brand identity, content and various design elements.

All of the business images and design should embody the same brand personality and energy. The photographic choice should be a clear image of who the brand audience is or addresses.

Defining the way we write is equally as important to our brand as the way in which we design. All text should follow the brand standards, so a word-savvy user would be able to pick our writing out of a crowd. it’s important to incorporate branded style into all writing for but we must also we also must remember our audience.

As a brand evolves it is important to define a unified voice that carries across all official business media—whether this be digital; emails, banners, splash pages, video, or print; brochures, car wraps and posters. The goal is to define your ideas and words clear or clearer. Clarity is probably the most important idea to follow—we want to make sure that each user can navigate the product or service, get to know us and what we’re about, and really feel that experience carried through from the logged-out to the logged-in user experience. When a user interacts with a mobile app, site, banner ad or other document that feeling, that experience, should be evoked again.

How the User Interprets the Brand

  • Voice
    & Tone
  • Perception

Define a Voice and Tone that has universal appeal to your users should be a balance of engaging structure within a welcoming community standard to keep the text interesting.

We don’t want to make assumptions about how people think or feel about controversial topics, or accidentally alienate anyone in a manner that causes them to have negative feelings towards the brand.

Not only is brand the way a business sees itself internally, but it’s the way it is perceived externally. By working to consistently ensure meeting the brand standards both in-house, within agencies and out in the real world; the business continues to cultivate a strong sense of familiarity and brand recognition. It’s important to be memorable, stand apart from competitors, and adhere the brand guidelines to maintain your position in your relevant market.

A brand should be committed to excellence by way of consistently approaching all interactions internally and externally inline with the brand philosophy. Consistency does not mean your brand won’t evolve. It best practice to always keep reshaping and restructuring to continue to be of value and the best in your respective field. But it’s key to evolve under the ideas consistent with the brand core values.

Creative Mediums & Deployment To Define Your Brand

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  • Emails & Newsletter Design, Development, & Deployment
    Banners Ad Design, Development & Management
    Video Storyboards & Development
    iOS App Design & Development
    Android Apps Design & Development
    Wireframing Experiences
    Lo & Hi Fidelity Prototypes
    Ads Design & Deployment

  • Book Design
    Business Cards Design & Printing
    Brochures & Rackcard Design
    Car Wraps Design & Installation
    Direct Mail Design, Printing & Lists
    Magazines Layout & Design
    Menus Design

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