California Drivers Ed iOS App


Build an iOS app that duplicates and expedites students journey to a successful regulatory Drivers Ed test score and get them into a car driving as fast as possible, a first of it’s kind.


Secure, informational, simple, quick


  1. Research user and their interactions
  2. Connect course progress to DMV database
  3. Expedite users progress
  4. Upsell


  1. User base is 13-55, broad set of parameters and users to research
  2. DMV data center is complicated and in parts archaic to work with
  3. Showing all content mediums on iOS


  1. Registrations through app
  2. Registration through web app but continued on native app
  3. Course completions
  4. Amount of switch backs
  5. Content speed loads
  6. Optimizely usability testing on live web app page, then pass those onto app
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